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Giving your Gift and Holding Space Courses


For facilitators, therapists and creative space holders

In person and online

Upcoming courses: WORKSHOPS PAGE

Available now as one to one course: INDIVIDUAL WORK

These courses are designed for facilitators, therapists, and creative practitioners to skill up, practice and develop. They offer a framework that is applicable to any discipline you are practising or intending to offer.


We start from the presumption that we are already enough to offer your gifts and support our spontaneous unfolding and welcome.

The course combines group supervision, teaching on holding space, practice sessions and tending the ground that allows your gifts to organically emerge.


Learning areas


*Teaching from the embodied presence
*Safety and Nervous System regulation
*Supporting and reading the field
*Boundaries and containers

*Yin and Yang balance: coming forward/resting back
*Inner authority

*Relating with your sabotaging parts
*Nurturing creative expression
*Tools for workshops

You are met where you are as a space holder and guided in a way that supports your existing or developing practice; covering themes of inclusive leadership and the art of stepping out with your gifts.


You are invited to consciously explore the perspectives of participant and facilitator, learning in an experiential way and receiving benefits of being part of a group of peers.


You gain skills in designing workshops, holding a safe space, supporting a group process and individual unfolding.
The skills we are honing are relevant for all aspects of life in these times- to hold space for ourselves, our relationships and our communities.

"This course would support anyone who holds space for others, as teacher, facilitator, educator and more.

Rooted in presence we learnt skills to help us navigate space holding but which also help with all aspects of life.

Agata’s holding is generous, sensitive, inclusive and compassionate.”


“I feel so much less anxious about Holding Space, now that we’ve unpacked the components of it”

"I had felt that 'gifts' in some way involved work and effort. The course opened up the possibility of it being more about joy, doing what you love and life experience!"

"For those who do or want to facilitate others, this experience will strengthen your skills, deepen your ability to be truly present in your work and show you how it is possible to offer a creative and playful experience at the same time."

Listen to Agata and Rooh talk about the theme and the course:

‘The course I just completed with Agata facilitating was nothing short of miraculous. I feel like I have expanded, transformed and grown immensely through the portal that she held open. I have more awareness about who I am and what I want from my life. I've gained many tools to move forward and bring forth my unique gifts into the world.

Agata is able to hold a space that is deep and safe.

She shows by active example how to be a conduit for the force field that is always available, if we trust and relax into our power. It was very special to challenge myself in such a loving way with her as my guide.” 


“I am so grateful for the openness of our circle and felt seen and held. I have the feeling that my basic pillars are strengthened; that I go through my everyday life with more trust and love in myself and in life. I am currently planning my first space holding session and am positively excited.” 


“I felt safe to be seen, to be known (and unknown) in the glory and grit, to lough, to cry- to discover hidden treasures and then to share them with others. I felt a closeness generated in a group that’s traversing wide landscapes together and sharing so much richness – yes, a strong sense of togetherness!”  



“Agata is holding space in a very caring, loving, playful, creative and deep way. For me it was very helpful connecting to both my Yin and Yang parts in holding space, becoming more present in the now in my body, welcoming my parts and to start daring brining my gift in a safe container.” 


“Agata holds space with such gentleness and grace that it's hard to find words to describe the feeling of safety, comfort & depth she creates.  

A space for us to explore, play, learn & grow as we develop our gifts and learn tools to bring them to the world.  

I leave with an embodied knowing, a trust in myself, in the service I am here to give & in creating that same safe space Agata so lovingly demonstrated. “

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