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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."  Anais Nin

“Holding Space/Giving Your Gift” Individual Sessions

Get some support at your back.
Receive tailor made mentoring and guidance on specific themes:
*Facilitation skills
*Self care in your practice
*Creating safety
*Reading the field
*Boundaries and containers
*Inner authority and leadership
*Working from presence and inner guidance
*Relating with your sabotaging parts
*Getting your work out into the world
*Anything that's in the way

Sessions are led by your needs.
I draw on IFS (Internal Family Systems), embodied presence work, intuitive guidance and 17 years experience of group and clients holding.

Here is a recent testimonial:

"I can recommend these sessions for people wanting to take a fresh look at their offerings in the world and how they hold space. I have naturally ended up in roles where I am holding space, both in community and corporate settings, and performing to audiences, without ever really understanding the dynamics present. These sessions have been very useful to understand ‘the field’, create boundaries/safety for myself, look at relational issues and get clear about my roles/responsibilities. It’s a mixture of a) getting feedback and information from Agata’s rich experience and b) her holding space for me to look underneath at my own patterns. Sessions are 1 hour and a quarter which is a good amount of time to unpack things. Thank you Agata.” - James Frost

1h 15min Sessions are £65

Some concessions available at £55
Email to book or inquire.

Bring Your Gifts with Ease

A tailor-made opportunity to address some of the themes related to offering your gifts, in the way that honours your needs and your process of transformation.

For women who long to share their gifts in their unique and natural ways, against the grain of mainstream pressure to exhort effort and push beyond your limits.

Specific inquiries welcome.

Themes we will explore:
Life as a creative act
Aligning with your Gift/Soul purpose
The dynamic of coming forward and resting back (Yin Yang of giving your gift)
Meeting the inner critic and sabotaging patterns
Being seen and speaking out
Connecting service with joy and resourcefulness
Clearing out the pipes for life to flow through you

Relationship to stepping out and running a business

The gift we have is our innate Soul-nature. It has been given to us and it’s not ours to withhold. Yet, in the giving of it every wound of “not enough” can be touched. If we engage with it, it will bring us home to our belonging; to the universal benevolence of life.

Sessions are presence supported and IFS informed.


All sessions: 1h 15min

Price £55

Bundles of sessions available on request.

Contact Agata

Holding Space Mentoring
For facilitators, therapists and creative space holders

This work is designed for facilitators, therapists, creative practitioners to skill up, practice and develop. It offers a framework that is applicable to any discipline you are practising or intending to offer.

We explore building blocks of Holding Space including:

*Teaching from the embodied presence
*Building and maintaining safety
*Strengthening and reading the field
*Boundaries, structure and flow
*Working with the body and the nervous system
*Stepping out with your gifts and a leadership role
*Nurturing creative expression
*Toolkit for designing workshops

You will be met where you are as a space holder and guided in a way that supports your existing or developing practice; covering themes of inclusive leadership and the art of stepping out with your gifts.

The skills we are honing are relevant for all aspects of life in these times- to hold space for ourselves, our relationships and our communities.

“I feel so much less anxious about Holding Space, now that we’ve unpacked the components of it”

Exploring Inner Landscapes

Bespoke one to one process and guidance to explore your your inner landscape of parts (IFS informed), in the context of presence and integration.

We enter this process through heart and body, assuming that "we don't know". Engaging in embodied enquiry we can meet parts of ourselves and receive their wisdom.

Personal Story Work

If we choose to enter the world of personal story-exploration, we go back to an important experience that had a potential of initiation but, being incomplete, is carried as trauma.

In the process, we begin to thaw, to feel again.

We go back into the forest, this time with the torch of resources and presence.

The experience is illuminated with this compassionate presence, created by the holding of a guide.
Working on a solo performance is both an integration of the past experience and initiation in itself- that of egoic and artistic challenge.
Finally, being witnessed at a community event, a small group or your guide, is the coming home, sharing of the gifts gathered; a final Initiation stage.

Through this work you can:

  • Explore your life situation from the Story/Initiation Perspective

  • Be playful and creative with your challenges and enquiries

  • Experience the alchemy of telling your story and being received

  • Identify and bring forth the unique gifts developed from your experiences


Presence in Performance Coaching


  • Enhance your relationship with the audience and stage presence

  • Receive technical performance coaching and direction

  • Play, devise and craft

  • Be supported to get your performance out there in a manageable way

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