"Find out who you are and do it on purpose"
Robert Frost

"Bring Your Gifts to Life"


For those who long to share their gifts and their creative expression, as a way of life; who’ve tried to express their gifts before but found it was hard or just too scary; and for those who feel new visions stirring but don’t know how to move towards them.
This concentrated period of support will make a difference to those who want to be active creators of Life on Earth at this time. Sometimes they are called artists, performers, facilitators, teachers, healers, carers, parents, activists, leaders, mystics and more.

Themes we will explore:
Life as a creative act
Aligning with your Gift/Soul purpose
The dynamic of coming forward and resting back (Yin Yang of giving your gift)
Meeting the inner critic and sabotaging patterns
Being seen and speaking out
Connecting service with joy and resourcefulness
Clearing out the pipes for life to flow through you

Practical aspects of stepping out and running a business

The gift we have is our innate Soul-nature. It has been given to us and it’s not ours to withhold. Yet, in the giving of it every wound of “not enough” can be touched. If we engage with it, it will bring us home to our belonging; to the universal benevolence of life.


£50 for 1h 15min session

£40 for 1h session

Payment plans available.

Individual Work:

Exploring Inner Landscapes

Through Story and Body

Bespoke one to one process and guidance to explore your story and your inner landscape of parts and characters.

We enter this process through heart and body, assuming that "we don't know". Engaging in play and embodied enquiry we can meet parts of ourselves and recieve their wisdom.

It's as healing as therapy but much more fun, in my experience.

If we choose to enter the world of personal story-exploration, we go back to an important experience that had a potential of initiation but, being incomplete, is carried as trauma.

In the process, we begin to thaw, to feel again.

We go back into the forest, this time with the torch of resources and presence.

The experience is illuminated with this compassionate presence, created by the holding of a guide.
Working on a solo performance is both an integration of the past experience and initiation in itself- that of egoic and artistic challenge.
Finally, being witnessed at a community event, a small group or your guide, is the coming home, sharing of the gifts gathered; a final Initiation stage.

Through this work you can:

  • Explore your life situation from the Story/Initiation Perspective

  • Be playful and creative with your challenges and enquiries

  • Experience the alchemy of telling your story and being received

  • Identify and bring forth the unique gifts developed from your experiences


Presence in Performance Coaching


  • Enhance your relationship with the audience and stage presence

  • Receive technical performance coaching and direction

  • Play, devise and craft

  • Be supported to get your performance out there in a manageable way