Rough Diamonds Festival

of Solo Autobiographical Performances

10th- 12th July 2020

Angel Studios, Totnes, South Street

and online.

Agata and Phil invite you to a festival of solo autobiographical theatre and the launch of their School of Rough Diamonds. Festival will take place in Totnes Angel Studios with a small invited audience will be live-streamed online.

Our performers/players have been exploring, catching, crafting and honing significant stories of their lives in our workshops.

Moving a stage further is to make a living theatre from the events and experiences that have shaped us - to bring artistry and raw experience together. The result is a form of transformational theatre where an alchemical experience occurs for both the performer, and, the audience member.

This work is about a celebration of humanity, of our unique quirks, the particular windy roads we travelled that made us who we are today. Every one of us is a rough diamond, being polished by life’s events.
Have you ever seen African tribes dancing in the circle? Every now and then one person steps in and really shows off, then somebody else. They take turns and everyone has their central moment. We have a dream that we can experience this through solo autobiographical theatre and retrieve our sense of belonging.

Creating and sharing of the solo performance is a closing of a chapter, a ritual, completion of an initiatory process and being received back by “the village”.
Stories shared often bring attention to important social issues, showing that “personal is political.”

"You can’t help but fall in love with anyone, once you’ve heard their story."

These are inspiring works in progress.
Full programme coming soon.



Past Events:

Drop the Story

Festival of Solo Autobiographical Theatre

Anual: 2013-2019



Stories for Change Festival  

of Solo Autobiographical Performances

29th – 30th June 2019 Bogan House, Totnes

Sat and Sun: 4pm and 7:30pm

Community members sharing personal

stories through solo performance
Stories of trials and transformation to

inspire us all, viewing life

as a hero’s/heroine’s journey.


Programme so far:

Sat 4pm


*Phil Barber "Men's Hands"

Young men's quest for identity through work and adventure. He may find guidance from an unlikely father figure.


*Mark Bedford "Warming the Stone Child"

An exploration of abandonment and the reclaiming of the One who is lost. The child, surrounded in grief and yet the source of intimacy and joy. A weaving of autobiography and myth,  stories old and new. 


*Philomena Wynne "My Irish maternal line" (work in progress)

Honouring my maternal line by resurrecting their life through me. I acknowledge these women's strength against the oppression of patriarchy and Catholicism in Ireland. Weaving the threads together through my poems and songs.


Sat 7:30pm


*Katheryn Trenshaw "Dying to Live By the Numbers: work in progress”

We all know we are going to die. But do we really believe it?

Could a sudden Brush with mortality bring us closer to life and love?

An insight into one woman's encounter with the big C and all that surrounds it.



*Kate Hubert “Umbilical (Grandma Briant's War)”

Traveling back through my motherline I explore a dark family secret and its repercussions, which I inherited as the atmosphere of my early life. This is the old, old story of love and control, and men and women – transformed by being brought into the light of day, and, surprisingly, by divine intervention.


Sun 4pm


*Claire Jones "Rigger"
Runaway bride "accidentally" becomes a rigger on a tall ship.
When in hospital, facing her mortality, she makes a deal with Life to get back onto her beloved ship one more time. Will her wish be granted?

*Sarah Heal “Everyday Adventures of the Superhero”

*Michael Brown "Returning to home"
From boyhood's unasked for adventures in a foreign land, life's loves and loses and the return home.

Sun 7:30pm


*Darren Ellis "The lies adults tell"

*Adam Rasmussen "Romanticism or Realism"

A man’s journey trying to bring himself into the best relationship with the feminine   

*Rooh Star "Basket of Songs"

Songs and stories of what matters

Donations: £5 per afternoon/evening


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